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Centrifugal Fans

Available in a variety of designs including 1 and 3Ph; DC; 400Hz; and ATEX/CSA rated versions, ACI fan units are engineered for the most demanding applications and can be readily supplied with appropriate control devices and accessories. 

ACI's current range of centrifugal fans includes:





NEW Product - Centrifugal Fans (ref: HFN)

ACI's newest range of curved forward bladed centrifugal fans is a homogeneous modular design and available in 1Ph or 3Ph, 2 or 4 Pole.

  • Flow rates up to 6000CFM
  • Pressures up to 17In.Swg
  • Reliable / Robust
  • Many configurations / add-ons available
  • ATEX/CSA versions available
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EP10A Compact Blowers (ref: EP10A, EP10AH)

The ACI EP10A is a belt driven, centrifugal blower incorporating a backward curved turbine bladed impeller.

  • Flow rates up to 1200CFM
  • Pressures up to 100in.SWG
  • Available in hot air version with maximum inlet temperatures of 365°F
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Centrifugal Fans (ref: VBL, VBM, MR Series)
A wide range of curved forward bladed centrifugal fans can be offered.

  • Flow rates up to 2350CFM
  • Pressures up to 6 In.SWG
  • Reliable / Robust
  • Many configurations / add-ons available
  • ATEX/CSA versions available
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Slimline Fans (ref: VBL/3, VBW/3 Series)

ACI's Slimline Range of fans are available with either single or double-inlet curved centrifugal blades. 

  • Flow rates up to 5000CFM
  • Pressures up to 4In.SWG
  • Compact and quiet operation
  • Many configurations/add-ons available 
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QB EC Fans (ref: QBL/3, QBW/3 Series)

Single inlet curved forward bladed centrifugal fans.

  • Flow rates up to 824CFM
  • Pressures up to 3.75in.SWG
  • Intelligent motor driven impellers
  • Superior operating efficiency up to 85%
  • Can respond to heat, pressure and humidity inputs via relevant sensors
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Multistage Fans (ref: MS8, MS11 020/080/168, MSX Series)

Backward curved bladed single inlet centrifugal blowers/exhausters.

  • Flow rates up to 500CFM
  • Pressures up to 60In.SWG
  • Reliable -maintenance free operation
  • Low noise levels
  • ATEX/CSA versions available
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