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Our range of forward bladed and backward curved centrifugal fans are available in a variety of designs, materials and supplies, including 1 and 3Ph; DC; 400Hz; and ATEX/CSA rated versions. All products are engineered to perform, combining quality manufacturing with innovative design in order to ensure reliability and cost-effective operation.

A wide range of curved forward bladed centrifugal fans.

Flow Rate: up to 2,354 CFM
Pressure: up to 19 InWg

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A range of curved forward bladed fans in a modular design.

Flow Rate: up to 6,474 CFM
Pressure: up to 11 InWg

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Backward curved bladed single inlet centrifugal fans/exhausters.

Flow Rate: up to 500 CFM
Pressure: up to 64 InWg

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A space saving version of our
VB Series – best choice if limited space is available.

Flow Rate: up to 750 CFM
Pressure: up to 3 InWg

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A belt-driven, centrifugal fan incorporating a backward curved turbine bladed impeller.

Flow Rate: up to 1200 CFM
Pressure: up to 100 InWg

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Environmentally friendly fans equipped with energy-saving motors.

Flow Rate: up to 824 CFM
Pressure: up to 3.7 InWg

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Readily available.

A large proportion of ACI blowers are available as stock items, all manufactured to the very highest possible standards from the raw material stage to the final performance test.  Many of our units can be supplied on free trial, enabling clients to perform tests in their own equipment.


Custom solutions.

ACI has a complete design and manufacturing service for custom requirements. Having supplied centrifugal fans and blowers for over four decades, ACI has the proven expertise and knowledge to engineer products appropriate for demanding applications. Systems can be tested and proven using a compliant in-house test facility for measuring losses in airflow systems, be they at the feed or exit points of inline devices or at the end of ducting systems.

“ACI has been very responsive to all our needs.  The blowers are sized accurately to each model following an analysis of performance requirements so energy consumption is minimised.”

Chris Byass, Product Manager