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2-48″ Stainless Steel Air Knife (Welded)

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Stainless Steel Air Knives (Welded)


Fabricated from 304, the stainless steel range of air knives are perfectly suited for harsh or corrosive environments, in particular the food and beverage industries where cleanliness is of paramount importance. ACI stainless steel air knives are readily supplied to suit precise individual customer needs.


  • Fully welded 304 S11 1-4307 BSI449

  • Fittings to the same standard

  • 76mm Diameter

  • 2″ Inlet length as standard

  • 1mm adjustable slot with up to 2.5mm


  • 316 available on request

  • Various configurations such as chevrons & rings available on request

Looking for a system?

ACI has decades of experience in designing & manufacturing custom air knife and blower systems. In that time we have supplied a vast number of successful systems across multiple industries – food processing, packaging, automotive, recycling, materials conveying and many more! If you aren’t sure which air knife you need, take advantage of our years of experience – we can work with you to design a system to meet your exact requirements.

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If you are looking for a customized solution, speak to us today to discuss your system requirements with one of our qualified sales engineers.

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