ForgeFan Professional


Suitable for professionals.

  • For Medium to Large Forges
  • Flow: 240CFM
  • Pressure: 8.4In.Swg
  • Ultra Quiet

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ACI Forge Fan – Professional:

Our forge blower units enable blacksmiths to efficiently and effectively raise and lower the temperature control of blacksmith forges with the added benefit of being very quiet and compact.

For forges where the diameter of the tuyere is very narrow, we recommend using either our Professional or Ultimate Forge blowers. A smaller pipe means a greater resistance to air flow and more pressure is required to push the air through the tuyere and into the fire. Extra velocity may also be required depending on the length and shape of the tuyere, or the type of blacksmithing being undertaken.

We typically offer ForgeFan Professional for medium to large forge applications.

This fan is great for forge applications because its ultra compact design means it has a small footprint and does not take up valuable working space. Additionally, this unit is extremely quiet because the motor is built into the centre of the fan within the fan casing.

 Motor Type: Induction type, 1Ph, capacitor start and run
 Nominal Supply:
Volts Ph Hz
100 1 60
110-115 1 50/60
120 1 60
240 1 50
380-420 / 220-240
440-480 / 250-280
3 50/60
 Options: Inlet and discharge guards and spigots
 Materials: Inlets & Fanscrolls – cast aluminum
Impellers – aluminium 1200 H14
Stators – white polyester resin
 Bearings: Ball type, lubricated for life
 Mounting Options: build-in-type / with feet
 Noise Levels:

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