Portable JetBlack™


The portable JetBlack™ is an innovative, safe and effective tool for personnel-clean down and de-dusting operations – particularly useful in industrial environments.

Key Benefits:

  • OSHA compliant design

  • Safer alternative to compressed air.

  • Efficient to run.

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Product Description

The portable version of the JetBlack™ is designed primarily for component or work area cleaning applications.

Compressed air always has the potential to be extremely dangerous, so companies should always try and minimize its use, particularly for cleaning and de-dusting operations.  In summary, the JetBlack’s performance is:

Safer. The JetBlack™ produces high volume, low pressure air (2.52PSI/70In.Swg) which poses no threat to personal safety.

Lower noise emissions. With levels below 78dB(A) the JetBlack™ is typically quieter than most compressed air nozzle arrangements.

Cost effective. Blower powered air produced by the JetBlack™ typically costs less than 10% of the equivalent compressed air generation.


  • Controllable motor speed – allows speed / airflow to be varied from full power to approximately 1/3 capability.
  • Hose length 2.44M.
  • Both 115v and 230v, 50/60Hz units available.
  • Weighs less than 7kg.
  • Motor power – 1400 watts
  • Options include the addition of an anti-static pack which allows airflow to be ionised and capable of eliminating static charge from surfaces.

The JetBlack Cleaning Station is easy to maintain.


A single spare filter is issued with any initial purchase of the JetBlack Cleaning Station. ACI recommend that the filter is inspected at least once a month, and replaced after a maximum of 3 months.

Motor Brushes

The motor within the blower unit has a working life of 1000/1500 hours and the brushes may need replacing after this period. Spare brushes can be purchased from ACI.

For full maintenance details, please consult the JetBlack users manual.

Air Control Industries I (ACI) warrants all products manufactured to be free of defects in material and workmanship for twelve (12) months from the date of shipment. Not covered under the warranty is neglect or misuse of the equipment, operation in an application not approved by ACI, and alterations not performed by ACI.

The ACI warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of items shipped by ACI. At no time will ACI be liable for any of the costs to the buyer for labour, transportation or down-time resulting from defective equipment furnished by ACI, or our suppliers.

The warranty will be void if the JetBlack unit has been tampered with.

For full warranty details, please consult the JetBlack users manual.


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