Custom System Design

ACI strives to design and build products and system components to suit our customers’ unique specifications. With more than 50 years’ experience in product design and innovation, we have the specialist knowledge as well as the flexibility to provide solutions that work for each and every individual customer requirement.


To assist this process, ACI’s Technical Department undertake product testing and devise solutions at our in-house testing facility, in order to prove a product’s capabilities.

This dedicated laboratory testing facility is also available to test product prototypes and to solve any specific problems that may arise before assembly takes place, ensuring our customers’ complete satisfaction. As soon as testing is complete, ACI is able to build a high-efficiency custom system to meet the exact needs of the application, as we know from experience that a standard product doesn’t always work for everyone. Being able to provide a custom system can be very beneficial for customers and can often result in cost-savings as well as reduced energy consumption.

With continuous investment into our design and manufacturing technology, ACI’s experienced technical team use a wide variety of design software to produce 3D drawings, renderings and CFD analysis, ensuring that our new product innovations meet all design, resource and manufacturing requirements.

Typical Applications

Our custom systems can be utilised in a number of sectors and applications and this is particularly relevant for larger items which can often be found in Automotive, Metals processing and Textiles. In the automotive industry where product and parts processing are a normal occurrence, ACI can provide systems to suit cooling needs and control applications for body and engine component drying. ACI’s custom systems can also help to remove the need for compressed air within metal production facilities for metal strip drying, reducing energy usage and minimising downtime which in turn can help companies save money. Our specially adapted air knife systems have also been utilised for fibre blow-off applications within the textile industry where liquid is used to cool and coat fibres.

If you have any special requirements that cannot be met with standard product designs, Get in Touch.

Example Case Study

Our vast knowledge and experience with blower-driven air knife technology has led to the development of other innovative methods of air delivery, which includes unique ‘non-scratch’ flexible / reciprocating nozzle systems.

These are specifically designed for drying applications where the component shape dictates a more vigorous air movement action. The simple ‘air-throwing’ action of the system allows the high velocity airflow generated by the blower to agitate all surface water and debris from very tight and intricate shapes.

Many automotive components such as camshafts, engine blocks and clutch plates as well as full automotive bodies, have benefited from the drying capabilities of the reciprocating nozzle system. The following video clip illustrates just how effective these systems are on Deutz’s engines which are used in their state-of-the-art agriculture machines.

If you are you are manufacturing any large product and looking for an optimal way to dry them after a washing or cleaning process, please contact us to find out how we can help.