Drying Systems

An ACI blower-powered Air Knife System typically consists of the following main components – a centrifugal supply blower; appropriate ducting; and finally a suitable method of air delivery.

ACI offers a range of innovative solutions for delivering blower-powered airflow efficiently and effectively to product, all of which can be modified to meet customer’s exact specifications and requirements.

General Industry

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Packaging & Labelling

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Cable, Wire, Extrusion

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Crates & Totes

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Small Components

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Before providing a detailed quotation, a vital part of the process is to fully understand the customer’s application. Information such as production line speed, product/conveyor sizes, product proximity and the level of drying, cooling or cleaning required helps us to determine the size, position and number of Air Knives and blowers required, as well as determining whether we need to provide a turnkey system tailored to your specific requirements.

To assist this process, ACI offers free on-site demonstrations (UK mainland only). Alternatively, if a site visit isn’t practical, clients are encouraged to send product samples to our main Headquarters in Axminster, UK.  This enables our Technical Department to conduct various tests and product solutions within our Testing Facility, but without the time constraint of a site visit. Detailed reports and test videos can also be supplied. If you would like to take advantage of either, please contact us now and we can arrange this testing to take place.

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