General Industry

ACI supplies a range of effective air knife systems for the process drying, cooling and cleaning of a variety of products. These innovative solutions deliver blower-powered airflow which can be easily modified to suit every customer’s needs whilst increasing production efficiencies.

ACI’s drying systems are supplied to a wide range of customers, often from within the Automotive, Textile and Metals processing industries.

Automotive applications


With a key focus on environmental issues, as well as increased production speed and quality, ACI has addressed the need for energy-efficient water removal within numerous engineering processes, by designing a wide range of blower and air knife systems.

ACI can produce air knife systems for a variety of production needs and this is particularly relevant for the automotive industry, where product processing and parts manufacturing is a necessity.

Capable of providing a range of systems for pressurised air cooling as well as high velocity air for control applications, the drying systems can be used for car body drying, automotive trim and engine components.

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Textiles & Materials applications


At various stages of the textile manufacturing process, water, which is used in numerous phases, accumulates in the fabric and the excess moisture needs to be removed.

The industrial process often involves using liquid to cool and coat a number of the fibres used and this is where ACI’s drying systems can be utilised.

ACI has designed and produced a selection of specially adapted Air Knife Systems for fibre blow-off applications needed within the textile and material industry.

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Metals Processing Applications


The Metals processing industry involves numerous stages where there is the need for blow-off and drying solutions. And for many applications, ACI’s drying systems can help to minimize downtime within metal production facilities.

Air Knife systems can also help to eradicate the need for compressed air and large blowers which can help companies to make significant cost-savings at a time when production rates and standards are even higher.

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