Customised ATEX Solutions for Hazardous Environments in the pharmaceutical industries.

ATEX Fan - Pharmaceutical

Enhance Safety and Ensure Compliance with Precision-Engineered Ventilation Solutions.


In the pharmaceutical industry, where safety and purity are paramount, our ATEX-certified fans are engineered to meet the unique demands of your processes. Designed to operate effectively in volatile explosions. Discover our tested solutions, built to support your technical needs and operational excellence.


ATEX Directive and IECEx Standards



Safety in Explosive Atmospheres


Our fans are built to safely handle the volatile environments typical in pharmaceutical processes involving solvents and chemicals. This reduces the risk of explosions, ensuring a safer workplace and minimising potential operational disruptions.

Each fan undergoes thorough third-party certification, offering unmatched assurance of safety compliance. Trust our technology to safeguard your operations and provide peace of mind.

High Performance under Tough Conditions

Ideal for a Diverse Range of Applications

Third-party Certified

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YEARS industrial Fan Expertise

ATEX Fan Designs



Explosion Proof Fan in the workshop

Effective Contaminant Containment

Preventing cross-contamination is crucial in pharmaceutical manufacturing for both compliance and product efficacy. Our fans play a vital role in maintaining controlled environments by effectively containing and extracting hazardous particles.

This process ensures the air quality within production spaces meets the strictest standards, safeguarding the purity and integrity of your pharmaceutical products.

Versatile Applications for Diverse Industrial Needs

Our versatile range of fans can be adapted to suit various applications, including low-pressure combustion processes and ventilation. Ideal for offshore platforms, oil rigs, chemical processing plants, electrochlorination systems, and more, our fans deliver comprehensive solutions that meet diverse industrial demands.

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Safety Features for Comprehensive Protection

Our fans are essential for mitigating risks in environments where powders and chemicals are handled. They efficiently ventilate and reduce the concentration of combustible dust and harmful chemicals, thus significantly lowering the risk of explosions and minimising exposure to hazardous substances.

These safety features protect your technicians’ health and contribute to a more secure working environment.

Flow Rates up to
200,000 M³/HR

Pressure up to
150 MBAR

Choice of
Motor Types

Special Paints
to Suit

Biological Safety Cabinet with Lab assistant

Customisation to Fit Your Specific Needs

We understand that each site has unique environmental and operational demands. That’s why we offer customised options for our fans, including various materials, finishes, and configurations.

Collaborate with our engineers to tailor solutions specifically for your project’s requirements.

Commitment to Quality and Environmental Standards.

Our commitment to quality is evident as our products comply with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, ensuring they meet global quality and environmental management benchmarks.

Choose our fans for a project that aligns with the highest quality and sustainability standards.

A pharmaceutical atex fan

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