Bio-Decontamination Unit

We have 1000s of different fan configurations in our catalogue. This means that whatever your requirements, we can offer you a vast array of different air volumes and pressures to suit your application.

While our MS8 multi-stage fans are very compact, to fit most enclosures, they are powerful enough to achieve 4,000 RPM, making them the perfect solutions for bio-decontaminations units.


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Bio-decontamination systems, commonly used in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, distribute Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour (HPV) to sterilise rooms such as operating theatres, wards, equipment like enclosures or cabinets and even PPE. The unit effectively decontaminates the area from any existing pathogens.

The Bio-decontamination units require high- pressure performance fans to create airborne HPV droplets and disperse them across the area to ensure complete decontamination.

Our modular construction MS8 fans offer a wide choice of performance characteristics and power-supply requirements to suit most applications.

MS11-080 Multi-Stage Series:
  • Produce high-pressure performance with a low-flow rate
  • Universal fans with 24V EC motor
  • Very compact and modular design
  • Low noise levels
  • Reliable, maintenance-free operation
  • Built to BS standards
  • Can be tailor-made to specific requirements
  • Run quietly to ensure a peaceful working environment


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ACI - ATEX Multi Stage Fan
ACI - ATEX Multi Stage Fan
ACI - ATEX Multi Stage Fan