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Some fan manufacturers carry out random tests on their fans, but very few test systematically across their whole range. Here at ACI, we are committed to testing the performance of all our manufactured industrial fans. So, we can guarantee that the performance curves of your fan use real data and not theoretical figures.

So why are real data performance curve charts so crucial to your industries?

Before going into detail about fan performance, it is important to understand how the testing is done and how the results are used.

# 1 What is the testing methods?

ACI has invested in a comprehensive testing facility that is engineered to measure fan performance using three different discharge side ducts and an inlet side chamber.

The diverse sizes are designed to accommodate various fan sizes and air volumes.

Most of all, the fan performance testing rigs meet the specifications required by BS EN ISO 5801:2017 standard.

To carry out testing, pressure measurements are taken at various points on the test rigs along with the motor current to determine the exact airflow throughout the fan’s operating range.

An important fact to mention, all testing on ACI manufactured fans show static pressure rather than total pressure. In other words, we remove the velocity element, which can distort the final reading. Thus, we ensure that we provide you with the fan’s actual useable pressure at any given point.

We can test your fan’s performance at both the inlet and discharge side and carry out vibration and noise testing if you require.

#2 How are the results analysed?

Once we have collated all the relevant data, we can then provide you with the test results and plot your fan’s pressure vs flow curve. The graphical output displays airflow, pressure, motor current, noise, power, and efficiency.

If you require, we can offer ‘witnessed testing’ that involves carrying out fan performance tests in front of you or via a video link to prove our solutions meet your required duty point.

In short, all your fan’s performance curves are based on actual and not theoretical data.

#3 What does this mean for fan performance?

With real data, there is no guesswork involved. We can guarantee that your fan will perform, as shown on our published performance curve charts.

We know what the performance is across the operating range. And more importantly, from your point of view, we can advise you on the most efficient and economical solution for any given application. Not only that, but we can also demonstrate the results.

Furthermore, our test reports also help you understand your application’s lifetime costs, which is essential to your purchasing decision.

Finally, our product range and testing facility are regularly monitored through independent audit and re-assessment. This ensures compliance with our BS EN ISO 9001 registration and current industry, national, international standards, and legislation.

Systematic testing is the only way to measure and prove your fan performance. Otherwise, you rely on estimation. Are you willing to take that gamble?



BS EN ISO 5801:2017 standards

ACI VBW Fan - Performance Curve
ACI Fan Testing


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