Blower Enclosures and Silencers

Air Control Industries are able to offer customers a range of solutions to
reduce noise emissions from equipment.

Blower Enclosures are available for all higher pressure blower models manufactured and supplied by ACI. They have the ability of reducing acoustic / noise levels by 5-15dB(A) depending on the blower type and its operating conditions.


  • Blower enclosures are available in a range of dimensions ranging from 850 x 700mm to 1270 x 1400mm. Customised blower enclosures can also be designed and supplied for specific applications. 
  • ACI’s inline silencers range from 75mm to 200mm diameter giving noise reductions of approximately 3dB(A).
  • Both the enclosures and inline silencers can be supplied either Stainless Steel 304 or galvanised steel.