We have recently supplied a number of large EVF 1120/B Axial units for use in forced air applications within construction sites in and around London.

Due to an increasing lack of space in the UK’s capital city, building works are now more frequently excavating down for basements before being built up.

In order to help sustain an acceptable air quality for the construction workers whilst this work takes place, air needs to be forced down to provide a fresh and clean-air environment. The EVF axial fan is a perfect solution.

EVF 1120/B Axial Fan Description:

Axial flow fan with light alloy die-cast impeller with wing profile blades. Double flange ducting drum, directly coupled motor.

Flow Rate: 120,000 M3/Hr

Typically, the EVF series from Euroventilatori is suitable for sucking in smoke, as well as vitiated, dusty, wet air in foundries, cement and paper factories and joinery works. This fan is also useful for the aeration of local rooms, for drying paper, wool, and tiles in the application of radiators, unit heaters, and cooling towers – generally where it is necessary to transport big volumes of air with low pressures.

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