Fume Cabinet

We have 1000s of different fan configurations in our catalogue. This means that whatever your requirements, we can offer you a vast array of different air volumes and pressures to suit your application.

Laboratories commonly utilise fume cupboards during trials to capture and extract hazardous airborne particles such as aerosols, gases and vapours.


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We offer a wide range of centrifugal fans and blower for use in ventilated hoods to move volatile and dangerous substances away from the operator and thus reducing the risk of exposure. The exhausted air is then filtered and expelled from the building.

Where laboratories deal with highly toxic or even explosive gases, we provide fans built to the highest specifications, including explosion-proof. Our ATEX fans remove the risk of igniting a flammable atmosphere while withstanding without rupture, any gas explosion

VBL, VBM, MR & Slimline Series:
  • Efficient, robust and cost-effective solutions
  • Produce low noise emissions
  • High airflow rates ranging from 1600m³/hr to 6,100m³/hr depending on the fan size
  • Low-Pressure rate ranging from 18mBar to 47mBar
  • Fitted with speed control as an option to maintain optimum working conditions
  • Built to BS standards
  • Can be designed to meet ATEX and IECEx certifications
  • Can be tailor-made to specific requirements


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ACI VB8L Atex Fan
ACI VB8L Atex Fan
ACI VB8L Atex Fan