Following on from the success of the Personnel Cleaning Booth with its integrated JetBlack Cleaning Station, JetBlack Safety has now added a two-door walk-through version to the options available.

The additional exit/entry point allows the Cleaning Booth to be installed in walls as a pass-through portal where workers can go from a dirty area to a clean one in just seconds. This could be extremely useful when the entry area is contaminated and the exit area is clean, such as an office, lunch room or locker room.

The two-door is also the best solution for operations with a higher number of workers as the design reduces the time between cleaning by optimising foot traffic.

Your personnel will be pleased to have an easy, viable method to remove dust from their work clothing and keep it from following them to their vehicles, homes and families.


JetBlack Safety Personnel Cleaning Booth

JetBlack Safety has long recognised the dangers of compressed air for personnel and machinery cleaning operations. The Cleaning Booth is an easy to use alternative to compressed air that offer employers and users a safer solution for removing dust and contamination.