Industrial Fans & Blowers

Browse our range of industrial fans, blowers and accessories for ventilation or extraction available in the UK. Choose from 1000s of configurations of airflow cooling, heating and drying products, including centrifugal fans and axial fans.

Available in 1 and 3Ph; DC; 400Hz; and ATEX/IECEx rated versions, all products are engineered to perform, combining quality manufacturing with innovative design in order to ensure reliability and cost-effective operation.


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A wide range of forward curved, backward curved and radial bladed industrial fans.

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Direct drive and belt-driven axial flow fans for low pressure, high flow rate applications.

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Single and double stage regenerative/side channel blowers and compressors.

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A complete design and manufacturing service for custom fan requirements.

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Most of the standard range of ACI fans can be built to meet ATEX / IECEx standards.

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Flexible hose ducting for industrial fans


Spares and accessories to assist with new installations and maintenance requirements.

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ACI Branded Partners


As well as manufacturing our own fans, ACI is a UK distributor for these industrial fan brands.

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Air Volumes, Pressures and Velocities to meet your exact Industrial fan requirements

By carrying one of the most extensive product lines in our industry, we are able to engineer individual, customised solutions that meet the specific requirements of even the most demanding industrial applications.

Our range also includes industrial fans for special requirements, such as group II equipment with gas & dust hazards, and we are considered to be a leading manufacturer of explosion proof fans. A variety of materials of construction are available, including aluminium and stainless steel as well as numerous special finishes and coatings.

Custom solutions

ACI has a complete design and manufacturing service for custom industrial fan requirements. Having supplied centrifugal fans and blowers for over four decades, ACI has the proven expertise and knowledge to engineer products appropriate for demanding applications. Systems can be tested and proven using a compliant in-house test facility for measuring losses in airflow systems, be they at the feed or exit points of inline devices or at the end of ducting systems.

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Expert Industrial Fan Selection


As specialists in air movement technology, ACI has more than 50 years’ experience of successful fan sizing and selection for all customer requirements and applications.

With so many different industrial fan types offering a variety of performance characteristics, it can be difficult to determine which fan shape is needed and choices include a wide range of Axial Fans, Centrifugal Fans and Mixed Flow Fans, which combine the features of Axial and Centrifugal Fans by employing the air movement techniques of both.

Knowing if your application requires high volumes of airflow but low pressure or high pressure and low volumes is just one of the questions that need to be answered in order to determine the correct industrial fan selection.

All ACI performance curves are based on real data, collected using our fan testing rig that meets BS EN ISO 5801:2017 standards and ACI guarantees that the performance of the fan will meet the published curves.


Electrical Testing a Industrial Fan

Working with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)


ACI has established strong long-term relationships with multinational recognised OEMs over our 50 years of trading. OEMs play an important role in the production process and each company is able to benefit from the other’s strengths.

We work closely with our OEMs to provide custom solutions through high-end design and testing capabilities in order to meet our customer’s requirements exactly.

As well as being a worldwide supplier of high-quality industrial fans and air delivery system solutions, ACI has a number of customers who have asked us to help take the strain out of managing their own products, and as such provide a complete solution. Our ISO 9001 production facility gives any of our customers the opportunity to outsource all or part of their product manufacture and development.

ACI are happy to offer this value-added service to any new or existing customers who would like support with their manufacturing process. As an example, if your fan is in a filtration box, is linked to an electronic controller, or is on a chassis, ACI can help.


In-House Test Facilities


ACI’s comprehensive test facility comprises of three discharge side test ducts and an inlet side test chamber specially engineered for the measurement of fan performance designed to BS EN ISO 5801:2017 standards.

This facility was created to test ACI’s own fans and blowers but is now proving to be a valuable additional service that can be offered to potential customers from a wide range of industries. We also have the facility for ‘witness testing’ for large projects where we test the actual fan a customer has ordered in front of them to prove it meets their duty point.

All ACI performance curves are based on real data and test results are captured by data acquisition and a graphical output provided displaying airflow, pressure, motor current, noise, power and efficiency.

Our product designs are regularly monitored through systematic audit testing and re-assessment. This ensures compliance with our registration to BS EN ISO 9001 and current industry, national and international standards and legislation.