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Air Control Industries Ltd is a well-established UK Distributor for ebm-papst. We have worked in partnership with ebm-papst for over 20 years to provide our customers with expert technical knowledge in the Industrial Engineering sector.

We offer a large range of ebm-papst products. Using our fan selection software and years of technical experience, our specialist engineers can help you select the right fan/motor for your application. In addition, we offer customers a unique manufacturing solution to ensure you receive the most complete, easy to install fan/motor option available. We specialise in supplying air delivery and extraction solutions for industrial applications such as process engineering, catering, and filtration systems.

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Centrifugal Fans

ebm-papst centrifugal fans are available with forward and backward-curved blades. The quiet-running centrifugal fans with forward-curved blades are also supplied with a scroll housing. The centrifugal fans with backward-curved blades are designed as freewheel fans and do not require a scroll housing.

In the case of centrifugal fans with external rotor motors, the motor is positioned in the impeller, ensuring not just optimum cooling of the motor, but also a particularly compact design. The entire range is available with both AC and GreenIntelligence EC technology. In addition to being particularly energy-saving, the integrated electronics also make it possible to implement any control, monitoring, and maintenance functions – for both the smart home and Industry 4.0.

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ACI Centrifugal Fan from EBM-Papst
ACI Centrifugal Fan from EBM-Papst

Axial Fans

The truly space-saving ebm-papst axial fans are used to exchange hot and cold air in all sorts of devices and systems. Their outstanding features include a shallow installation depth, low noise level, and excellent efficiency, making them particularly suitable for conveying air through heat exchangers.
With axial fans, which function similarly to a propeller, the air is conveyed in axial direction in parallel with the rotating motor shaft. The ebm-papst external rotor motor is integrated directly into the axial impeller, forming a compact axial fan unit. For mounting, use is generally made of fan housings in short or long nozzles.
The combination of ebm-papst GreenIntelligence EC technology, intelligent sensors, and control electronics turns the fans into smart solutions for all purposes. Whether condition monitoring, economical remote maintenance, or automatic speed adjustment as contamination increases, ebm-papst supplies everything from a single source for customized “GreenIntelligence” solutions.

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Compact fans

ebm-papst compact fans, the benchmark for decades in electronics cooling, are available in various designs: axial, centrifugal, or diagonal. For each type, ebm-papst offers a wide range of fans, either AC, DC, or GreenIntelligence EC, for all voltages and in all standard sizes. They also provide numerous additional functions with pre-installed electronics and can be intelligently networked with the relevant device logic.

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ACI - EBM Papst Axial Fan

Tangential Fans

Stove jacket cooling, storage heaters, wood-burning stoves, underfloor convectors, air doors, air conditioners, and heaters – all of these applications need a ventilation system offering low installation height and high airflow rates. The ideal solution: Tangential blowers from ebm-papst. These provide high airflow rates, excellent air throw, and extremely good noise characteristics.

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Gas Blowers

Compact design, low airflow rates, and particularly high back pressures. ebm-papst centrifugal blowers meet all the requirements for heating technology. ebm-papst now offers the world’s most extensive product range. Whether just a few kilowatts for use in private households or several megawatts to supply entire residential areas: we have the right solution.

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Hot-air Blowers

ebm-papst hot-air blowers rely on tried and proven shaded-pole motors. The hot air impeller is either made from hot-dip aluminized steel, stainless steel, or die-cast aluminium and depending on the application, can also be coated. This coating prevents dirt from sticking to the surface. A particularly practical feature is a special bracket means that the motor can be mounted outside the hot oven. This means it is optimally protected against heat. High ambient temperatures don’t affect the hot-air blower or the corresponding drive motor. Ball bearings that are optionally available also ensure a long service life in the event of a vertical shaft position and hanging fan impeller.

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ebm-papst are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high efficiency fan & motor products. Please visit www.ebmpapst.com/ for more information.