Air Knives for the Automotive Industry

Air Control Industries has designed blower and air knife systems for use in nearly every phase of the automotive manufacturing industry.  With increasing quality, production speeds, automation and focus on environmental issues, the need for energy-efficient removal of water based liquids used in machining, cleaning, plating, painting processes and cooling has never been greater.

ACI Air Knives are capable of providing high velocity air for static de-ionisation and control applications, as well as pressurised air cooling, vacuum air for exhaust emissions sampling systems and even high volume flow bench testing of various engine components.

Our automotive air knife systems are particularly well-suited for product processing and parts manufacturing. We can provide an array of solutions for the continuous and controlled cleaning and drying of conveyor systems.

Automotive Applications Include:

Full car and truck body drying.
Pre-treatment for paint finishing.
Engine components [i.e. process drying of Camshafts, Engine Blocks, Clutch Plates].
Automotive trim [i.e. removal of static from Plastic Bumpers, Fascia, Wheels, Windscreens & Mirrors].
Rubber and plastic extrusions [i.e. drying of rubber tire extrusion, plastic trim].

We understand that to achieve the best possible paint finish, the preparation of an unpainted surface to the same exacting standard is essential to avoid expensive re-working. This has led to a number of adaptations to our air knife systems, specifically for the automotive industry.

Air Knife / Nozzle Halo System

Ensuring effective paint adhesion free of inter-coat contamination is critical. ACI air knife and nozzle systems succeed in replacing compressed air systems and significantly increase product quality, reduce noise emissions and slash running costs.

ACI EP10A compact blowers, mounted in individual acoustic enclosures are small enough to be incorporated alongside the production line. Free standing support frames straddle the production line as a means of ducting air through highly efficient air knives and nozzles all of which can be mounted on adjustable clamps.


Reciprocating Flexible Nozzles

Air knife based technology has led to the development of ACI’s ‘non-scratch’ flexible nozzle system. This unique system enables the air stream to be brought close to delicate or vulnerable product without fear of damage or fouling delicate surfaces. The nozzles are made from material that is hard wearing, flexible, retains its shape and is easy to adjust and fit.

Reciprocating nozzles are also designed specifically for applications where the component shape dictates a more vigorous air movement action. The simple ‘throwing’ action of the nozzles allows the airflow generated by the blower to agitate any surface water and debris from very tight and intricate shapes.


De-Ionisation Systems

ACI’s de-ionisation systems eliminate static charge and remove particulate from flat or contoured surfaces. They provide a continuous stream of clean and ionised air and are adaptable for large components such as auto and truck body cleaning prior to painting and finishing.

The system is very useful for all plastic parts and is used extensively in the production of car bumpers and all types of automotive interior products.