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Cable And Wire Drying Systems

Drying wire and cable can be a tricky, expensive business.  The process of extruding insulating layers and jacketed covers over wires normally requires a cold water trough to bring the extrusion to a manageable temperature.  The removal of the residual moisture film that remains on the product is difficult to achieve effectively and consistently.  Typically, companies may have used a variety of configurations including homemade air knife systems, vast arrays of compressed air nozzles, air wipes and even sponges.  All with varying degrees of success, but overridingly ineffective which often leads to difficulties during subsequent processes such as labelling and spark tests.

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ACI is a dynamic global leader in surface drying equipment for all types of industrial products including wire, cable and continuous extrusions.

As an ISO 9001 registered manufacturer ACI supports a wide array of products that have earned a  reputation for dependability and rugged design. By working closely with wire and cable manufacturers, ACI has quickly earned a solid, worldwide reputation for producing quality, engineered drying machines for wire and cable markets.


Line-Dry Cable & Wire Drying System

ACI’s LINE-Dry System is a self-contained, blower-driven unit that uses precisely controlled air flow that reduces noise and dramatically cuts energy consumption.

It works by closely focusing two powerful angled air jets against the flow of the product.  These air jets are opposing, and aim at the top and bottom of the product to hold back the advancing residual moisture.  This is achieved by breaking the surface tension of the water, allowing it to gather and puddle before from the jets.

Soft edged flexible rubber baffles then form a torturous path to help catch and contain the resultant spray preventing it exiting the enclosure to avoid causing potential water related H&S issues.

The removed water drains from the enclosure which could be piped back into the system to save costs and improve processes.  The baffles are able to flex enough to allow knots and other line impurities to pass without consequence, along with the sprung loaded plenums which house the air jets.

The system is fully enclosed, providing a complete system ready for use.  A height adjustable stand allows the unit to be built into most line heights.  Up to Ø20mm extrusions can be successfully dried at line speeds of up to 400M/min.

Unenclosed Drying Heads

Two small PE1000 faced drying heads are supplied with Y splitters to allow the end user to build the units into existing enclosures and systems where space limited.  These units are fitted with sprung hinges to allow knots to pass through and auto reset to the clearances set after a disturbance.  Up to Ø20mm extrusions can be successfully dried at line speeds of up to 400M/min.

High Speed Cable Dryer:

This option has specifically been designed for high speed small diameter lines up to 4mm, typically over 400M/min (up to 1,000M/min).  The air jets are only 10mm across, and regenerative blower technology is utilised to provide the pressures required to prevent the rapidly advancing water breaching the jetplates.  The unit houses high temperature ducting and reinforced PTFE plates to help withstand the arduous environment created.  A fan cooled enclosure is also offered to contain the blower unit reducing heat build-up and noise, allowing the system to operate more safely.

Profile Dryer:

The profile dryer is available to tackle larger diameter tubing, cabling and extrusions.  These need to be closely matched to the diameter of the product being dried, and are inflexible on line running multiple sizes.  The system uses a venturi arrangement that nozzles are focused into.  This accelerates the air across the surface of the product; helping to hold back & strip the water at the dryer box inlet.  The box is made from hard wearing PE1000 and hinges in the middle to allow easy setup.  Currently, up to Ø85mm size is offered, but larger version can also be produced.

Vacuum Dryer (Solid Profiles):

The unit, as it suggests, uses a vacuum to dry the product.  This is particularly useful when awkwardly shaped profiles require drying; where blown air would be difficult to focus (seal extrusions for example).  Drying occurs at two rubber baffles that the extrusion passes through; the air flow is maximised in these locations allowing the removed water to be retained inside the drying head ready to be pumped away safely.  The baffles are cut to suit each application to ensure necessary clearances are accurately maintained.  This product is ideal in scenarios where water cannot be allowed to carry over into other processes and requires full retention.


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