Energy-Efficient Fans For The Renewable Industry


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• Eliminate premature failure.
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Advanced Industrial Fans for Improve Energy Production

With wind turbines, the process of converting kinetic energy into electrical power generates heat. Cutting corners on fan ventilation can cause internal components to overheat, become damaged and ultimately halt production.

Fans extract and dissipate heat from nacelles, switchgear, transformers, and many other apparatuses while at the same time using the ambient air to cool down the components: the results – fewer premature failures and improved efficiency and performance.

Innovative industrial fans specially designed and manufactured to sustain offshore and onshore wind turbine corrosive environment – ensure longer operating life, lower maintenance, and continuity of production.

Guaranteed performance. Predictable running costs. Simple to set up.

ATEX & IECEx Fans For Battery Pack Ventilation  

Reliable and efficient explosion-proof fan solutions cool down and ventilate DC battery packs while eliminating highly flammable toxic gases during the extraction of hydrogen fuel cells.

Versatile design – highly performant, low noise industrial fans – makes them extremely cost-effective. Fully supported by technical experts.

Third-party certification for ATEX and IECEx ensures employees’ safety.

Custom centrifugal and axial solutions to suit most applications and specifications.


  • Versatile construction – Stainless Steel, Mild Steel or Aluminium
  • Flow Rates Up to 212,000 m³/hr
  • Pressure up to 300 Mbar
  • Custom solutions available to meet your specific requirements
  • Direct-drive or belt-driven choice
  • Special paint and fan case material options
  • Available in ATEX and IECEx rated versions
  • High level quality plans and ‘Witness testing’ available on request.
  • In-house quality manufacture
ACI Bottle Cap and Neck Dryers
ACI Bottle Cap and Neck Dryers

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