Grain Ventilation Fans

Once grain is harvested and in the shed, be it off the dryer or straight out of the field then typically farmers need a grain ventilation system. Crops are a living thing and will continue to respire once in storage – respiration creates stale air that needs to be moved and replaced with fresh air so that the crop does not heat up and become a breeding ground for insects or harmful storage moulds.

Under floor grain ventilation is often expensive to install, requires annual maintenance and can provide an additional breeding site for crop storage pests such as mites and weevils.  Ventilation fans when applied to stored dry grain will prevent several different problems. They will reduce mould growth and insect activity – these will thrive under warm, moist conditions so cooling the grain prevents heat and moisture build up and thereby reduces infestation.


ACI’s centrifugal range of ventilation fans are extensively used in ‘on-floor cooling’, drying, conditioning and ventilation of floor stored crops.

ACI’s range of small-to-medium size centrifugal units are an efficient, low cost fan range that has been specifically selected for use with crop conditioning/drying systems such as ‘horizontal on-floor’ and ‘vertical pedestal ventilation systems’.

Our fans are specifically built to meet this demanding application. Our standard products are designed to generate more air flow than our rivals, meaning you get the absolute maximum from the product and the best from your crop.

Centrifugal fans used in the cooling, drying, conditioning and ventilation of floor stored crops.