air knive systems for the packaging and labelling

We have been designing and manufacturing systems for the food and beverage industry for over 40 years. We have developed proven solutions for a wide variety of bottles, cans and packaging during that time.

Our dedicated testing laboratory with its container line facility enables us to replicate production lines, test customer product samples and ensure that our solution offers our customers the best results.

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ACI - Can and bottle dryer

We offer a wide range of highly efficient bottle drying systems to suit the labelling and packaging industry stringent requirements. Our drying solutions are designed to remove moisture from bottles efficiently as part of the manufacturing process, whether it be before labelling, inkjet coding or packing, to help reduce bacteria, or condensation before labelling.

Can dryers

ACI Bottle Cap and Neck Dryers

We provide drying methods to blow air directly at the can body, top and bottom to remove moisture and allow labels to adhere effectively while also preventing corrosion and contamination.
Our custom solutions operate quickly and efficiently, eliminating wastage and consequently reducing operating cost.

craft Brewery systems

ACI Craft Brewery Systems

ACI’s Craft Brewery drying systems have been engineered following extensive field and laboratory testing as well as discussion with various partners in this fast-growing industry.
Our’ out of the box’ solutions remove moisture from the container to ensure a successful labelling process and clean packaging.


ACI Crate and Tote Dryer

We offer high-specification air-knife systems engineered to dry a wide variety of reusable plastic containers such as crates, plastic pallets, totes, boxes, bins.
Our solutions accommodate most sizes and line speeds and have proven installation in many industries – from food and beverages to automotive, and supply/distribution outlays.

Pouch Dryers

ACI Pouch Drying Solution

We have engineered a unique drying solution to remove residual moisture from pouches and pre-packed products before labelling and packaging.

The system is efficient and helps specialist food producers or pharmaceutical companies increase their production line speed without affecting the finished products’ quality.


Aseptic Carton Production Line

We have engineered a new drying solution to remove moisture from various aseptic containers’ shapes and sizes. The drying operation takes place following the sterilisation process and before inkjet coding.
Our drying system eliminates condensation and possible contamination, from the cartons, ensuring the product packaging is not compromised before transportation.