Aseptic carton dryer

• Enhance hygiene with advanced air knives.
• Meet the <0.3g moisture standard for aseptic packaging.
• Boost output, save energy, cut costs.


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New Drying Solution For Aseptic Cartons:

Industry-leading air knife technology for today’s new generation of aseptic packaging – dry up to 6,000 packs per hour (thanks to ‘no twist’ technology).

Cleaner and more cost-effective than using compressed air. Enhance hygiene, save energy, cut costs.

Clean, oil-free, blower-driven air removes moisture from containers after autoclaving and before date coding.

Complies with the <0.3g moisture standard for aseptic packaging. Removes more than 99.3% of residual water.


High Performance Compact Dryer, Easy To Install:

High quality, robust, food-grade stainless steel air knife system. Compact equipment fits small conveyor runs. At 970 mm long, this dryer is perfect for small production lines limited by space.

Simple to install. Adaptable to different line speeds and conveyor types. Quick and easy to adjust (using thumb screws) for commissioning or product changeover.

Only the top drying section needs to be adjusted – preventing any accidental or incorrect adjustment that could compromise drying efficiency. Acoustic foam covers reduce noise.

Choose from standard or custom-configured systems.


  • Blower-driven air-knife to provide clean, oil-free air.
  • Low energy consumption, reduced costs.
  • Spray containment and lower noise levels.
  • Substantial boost in production output.
  • Custom solutions available to suit precise specifications.
  • In-house quality manufacture
  • World-class specialist manufacturer.
ACI Aseptic Carton Dryer
ACI Aseptic Carton Dryer with cover
ACI Aseptic Carton Dryer Application

Why ACI?

50+ years of technical expertise
and experience.

World-class solutions –
US (Maine) subsidiary. Distributors,
agents and partners in 40+ countries.

Performance guaranteed – all standard and custom systems will perform as tested and specified. Guaranteed results and savings.

Advanced quieter air blowers
that take up less space.

UK designed and
manufactured equipment.

Thousands of happy customers
across the world.

ACI’s Aseptic Carton Dryer:

Smaller, faster and more efficient system delivers industry-leading dryness levels. This revolutionary new solution makes drying aseptic cartons a realistic proposition for small production lines and bigger players.

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Aseptic Carton Production Line

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