System Solutions for Textiles & Materials

ACI provides a wide variety fans and blowers for the textile manufacturing industry around the world. Applications from air strippers and air washing processes to pneumatic conveying, ACI fans are designed and manufactured to provide long lasting durability for the textile industry.

For a wide variety of natural and man-made woven fibre materials, liquids used for cooling and coating must be removed or the coating thickness maintained. ACI’s Air Knife System have been adapted to a number of web and braided fibre blow-off applications. Instead of expensive compressed air, squeegee rolls, steam rolls or chemical dispersion, ACI designs air knife systems to achieve the required blow-off.

Paper mills, and related products such as tissue, are also known environments for being dusty.  Not only does this dust settle on machinery, but also personnel.  Debris removal is necessary particularly where personnel may be entering canteens and other clean-room environments. The use of compressed air for dust removal is expensive and potentially dangerous, so the Jetblack Safety Cleaning Station is a particularly useful and simple tool to remove this issue from the workplace.

Air Knives have been adapted to a number of web and braided fibre blow-off applications