JetBlack Safety

The JetBlack™ Safety product range offers an easy-to-use alternative to compressed air, giving organisations and users a safer solution for personnel de-dusting and clean down operations.

Cleaning Booths

JetBlack Safety Cleaning Booths are self-contained, de-dusting systems which easily remove, extract and collect dust and debris from the clothes and body.

Cleaning Stations

JetBlack Safety Cleaning Stations are available in Wall-Mounted and Portable versions, providing a safer and more cost effective alternative to compressed air for clean down.

Spares & Accessories

A complete range of spares and consumables are available for all JetBlack Safety products from stock, to keep your units operating at their full potential.



Safer & More Effective Tools for Dust & Debris Removal

Blower-driven air provides a safer, more economical and highly effective means of removing deposits such as dust, fibres, water and more from people, product surfaces and work environments than equivalent compressed air. The low pressure, high velocity air produced by our JetBlack Safety Cleaning systems enables workers to clean-down within a 20-30 second time frame. 

The JetBlack Safety range of Cleaning Booths have been designed to offer employers and users a safer solution for removing dust and contamination and for general clean-down operations.


Tried & Tested

Many companies around the world have successfully installed JetBlack Safety Personnel Cleaning Equipment and have found that they are essential tools for successful OSHA compliant cleaning operations.



Dangers of Compressed Air

It is well publicised that compressed air can be extremely dangerous, even fatal if misused. If it comes into direct contact with bare skin it can cause an embolism which in turn may lead to coma, paralysis or even in extreme cases death.

Many companies will have written safe work procedures that outline how to perform a task with minimum risk to people, equipment, materials, environment and processes. Because of this most employees are well-aware that using compressed air nozzles to remove debris from clothes is a hazardous habit. However, despite this lots of workplace injuries still occur because of the product’s misuse.