Quiet, it’s a blacksmith’s forge

The Problem

Bradley Harris is a blacksmith producing a wide range of items including small hand forged craft items, architectural railings, guards and balconies. Bradley had been using an adapted grain drying fan for aspirating the smithy’s fire, which he found particularly noisy and had to be turned off when air was not needed.

The Solution

The working environment has been improved significantly since installing an ACI 9MS8 Multi-Stage fan.  This is a direct drive fan, which offers options for up to 9 impellers mounted on a single shaft.  The fan is used to raise the temperature of the coals in the forge up to 2000°C.

The Outcome

“It’s so quiet and it delivers air on demand. I can control the air flow with a simple butterfly valve and there is no risk of burning the motor out on total shut down – it’s brilliant!” Bradley Harris, Blacksmith.

ACI Forge Fans & Blowers

Our forge fan units enable blacksmiths to efficiently and effectively raise and lower the temperature control of forges – with the added benefit of units being very quiet, compact, robust and reliable. We offer a range of fans suitable for use in blacksmith forge applications.

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