Advanced Combustion Solutions for Biomass Boilers: A Case Study on FARM 2000

FARM 2000, a biomass boiler manufacturer, tackled significant combustion solutions challenges by adopting advanced ebm-papst combustion fans from ACI. This move has improved boiler performance, ensuring compliance with UK and EU emissions standards.

M & K Products (Brosgrove) Ltd operates under the registered trademark ‘FARM 2000’. Established in 1976, FARM 2000 is the UK’s longest-standing biomass boiler manufacturer. The company was founded by Peter Teisen, who was born in Denmark but moved to England at a young age. Initially, Peter sold Danish log-burning boilers, but recognising a preference for British-made products among his customers, he collaborated with his father­, an owner of a glass furnace business, to design and develop a British log-burning boiler. The first installation was completed in 1976.

Over the next four decades, Peter repeatedly refined and expanded the boiler range, introducing the high-efficiency big bale boilers and HT boiler range, which remain the most popular products in the FARM 2000 lineup today.

In 2013 and 2017, FARM 2000 met the stringent UK and EU emissions standards for biomass boilers burning wood logs, straw, and untreated grade A waste wood. Additionally, some FARM 2000 boilers are Defra-approved for use in smokeless zones in the UK when burning straw.

FARM 2000 primarily serves rural businesses, farmers, and landowners. The batch-fed biomass boilers provide cost-effective, energy-efficient solutions for central heating, hot water, and warm air systems in agricultural, domestic, commercial, and industrial applications.

FARM 2000 Northmore requiring Combustion Solutions

Challenges Faced by Farm 2000

FARM 2000 has faced challenges in improving combustion efficiency. Central to achieving efficient and clean combustion are the three T’s: Time, Temperature, and Turbulence. FARM 2000 has dedicated effort to perfecting these elements through advanced design and engineering.

Challenges – Air Distribution and Pre-heating Requirements:

  • Proper distribution and pre-heating of air are crucial.
  • A sophisticated system involving:
         – Primary base ducts
         – secondary and rear air spreaders
         – Pre-heated secondary air directed opposite to the exhaust gas path
  • This setup ensures efficient, smokeless combustion.


Maintaining volume and reliability in harsh environments was difficult.

SOLUTION: The ebm-papst fan range by ACI meets demands for power, compactness, and durability.


Require a robust, electronically controlled combustion fan.

SOLUTION: Collaboration with ACI led to the implementation of an advanced EC Centrifugal fan, ensuring efficient and reliable operation for the big bale boilers.

Through these partnerships and engineering advancements, FARM 2000 continues to overcome challenges and maintain its position as a leader in the biomass boiler industry.

ebm-papst single fan

We will ensure you get the best combustion solution by providing industry-leading advice and guidance.

Combustion Solutions Implemented

To address the challenges of durability and inadequate output experienced with the previously used fans, FARM 2000 implemented a strategic switch to ACI’s combustion fan solutions. The fans had been leading to higher levels of incomplete combustion due to their lower outputs and lack of durability.

Recognising the need for a more robust and efficient solution, FARM 2000 adopted ACI’s ebm-papst fan range. These fans provided the necessary power and reliability to ensure complete combustion, significantly improving the performance and efficiency of the biomass boilers. This transition was critical in maintaining FARM 2000’s commitment to high-quality, clean, and efficient biomass heating solutions.

To further enhance the performance of FARM 2000’s big bale boilers, ACI provided an advanced EC Centrifugal fan known for its high performance and efficiency. This robust fan generates a high volume of airflow, which is essential for achieving a clean burn or super-burning process. The high airflow capability of the EC Centrifugal fan ensures optimal combustion by distributing air evenly and maintaining the necessary turbulence within the combustion chamber.

The improved combustion process facilitated compliance with stringent UK and EU emissions standards, optimising the overall functionality of the boilers. The integration of ACI’s fan technology has been instrumental in overcoming previous challenges related to air distribution and pre-heating, resulting in more reliable and effective operation of the big bale boilers. This collaboration with ACI underscores FARM 2000’s commitment to innovation and excellence in biomass boiler technology.

Farm 2000 Boilers for Advanced Combustion Solutions

Results Achieved

The implementation of ACI’s combustion fan solutions delivered outstanding results for FARM 2000. Our collaboration improved combustion efficiency, reliability, and overall boiler performance. The photos attached from the upgraded systems show a reduction in incomplete combustion, ensuring the biomass boilers’ cleaner and more efficient operation.

These positive outcomes illustrate the effectiveness and durability of our products, reaffirming our commitment to providing quality, innovative solutions for the biomass boiler industry.

“excellent technical support & in-depth in-house knowledge”

“Our main decision to purchase from ACI was based on their excellent technical support, in-depth in-house knowledge, reliable products, and cost-effectiveness. The enhanced performance of our boilers is a direct result of ACI’s fan solutions.”
Keith Foster

Managing Director, FARM 2000

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