Magic Rock Brewing:
“ACI’s system is the most reliable on the line and leaves our product bone dry.”

Magic Rock Brewing: The Culmination Of A Lifelong Passion For Beer

Inspired by the UK’s local brewing tradition and America’s vibrant beer scene, Magic Rock was founded in 2011 as a refreshing alternative to boring mainstream beers. Within six months, independent site Rate Beer named the Huddersfield company one of the world’s very best new breweries.

Now Magic Rock is annually brewing 2.7 million pints of keg, cask and canned beer “that we love to drink ourselves and proudly serve to everyone.”

After all, when it comes to beer, life’s too short to compromise.

As Magic Rock put it: “We understand that you don’t have time for bland, flavourless or inconsistent beer – because neither do we.”

Requirement: Upgrade Drying To Cope With Faster Line Speeds

Magic Rock is a very happy ACI client. In June 2017, we solved a moisture problem that was affecting the labelling and date coding of their cans.

They had originally tried to solve the problem themselves with compressed air. But that’s a very expensive solution. And besides, it was draining too much compressor capacity that was needed elsewhere in the brewery.

So ACI supplied a CB-C Craft Beer Can Drying System. This compact blower-driven air knife worked a treat. Magic Rock was delighted, hailing the “great money-saving impact” of the CB-C.

Since then Magic Rock has significantly expanded production – so the team needed a bigger air knife capable of coping with higher volumes than the CB-C’s 6,000 cans per hour.

It was time to call in ACI again…

Solution: ACI’s Premium LNL Brewery Bottle Drying System

After the success of the CB-C equipment, Magic Rock specified ACI’s biggest and best air knife system – the LNL (Low Noise Level).

This premium drying system’s centrifugal blower and air delivery devices are housed within a robust 304 stainless steel enclosure. This protects the 15kW blower from water spray contamination and also keeps noise levels well below 85dB(A). Optional noise reduction baffle tunnels cut noise by a further 5dB(A).

The versatile LNL can be configured with various air delivery devices:
• a can tunnel with two 300 mm stainless steel air knives
• two JetPlates and two 320 mm stainless steel air knives
• two 1,200 mm stainless steel air knives with four flexible nozzles.

Other options include:
• the access doors can be supplied with/without windows
• conveyor sections can be offered with the LNL, enabling ACI to pre-fit the air delivery devices.

Find out more about LNL fully enclosed can and bottle dryers. Download the full specifications.

Results: High-Performance Drying – 15,000 Cans/Hour

Magic Rock continues to benefit from moisture-free canning – but now it’s up to 15,000 cans/hour compared with 6,000 cans/hour previously.

Both the new LNL and the original CB-C air knives use clean, blower-driven air. This creates significant savings compared with compressed air drying.

And it means Magic Rock can use that compressed air for other applications around the brewery.

Magic Rock Senior Packaging, Tom Hancock said…

“ACI’s system is the most reliable on the line and leaves our product bone dry.”

Get Expert Advice On Can And Bottle Dryers

Magic Rock sought specialist advice from ACI to solve its can-drying challenges. And so should you.

Advanced, high-performance can drying systems from ACI will help you to:
• dry up to 60,000 cans/hour
• meet the <3mg moisture standard
• eliminate transgranular stress corrosion
• speed up production and boost output
• cut costs
• reduce line downtime.

With 50+ years’ experience in air solutions, we can forecast ROI very accurately and tell you when your new ACI air knife system will start saving you money.

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