Centrifugal Fans help give projected graphics new spherical perspective


The Problem

Projected graphics for such different events and locations as concerts, museum exhibitions, conferences and TV studios took on a different perspective when Pufferfish introduced its spherical displays.  Now images, videos, text and other graphics effects can be shown in-the-round. This is achieved via special projection techniques involving custom engineered lenses that project media onto the inside of an inflated sphere that can be suspended from ceilings, hung from walls or simply floor ‘standing’.

This projection technology has been developed over last few years by Pufferfish and is now being used worldwide for major music events, important business conferences and eye-catching exhibitions.

The Solution

Keeping the spheres inflated has been achieved by utilising ACI’s Multi Stage range of centrifugal fans.

The Outcome

“ACI has been with us from the start giving us advice on inflating our spheres. The latest blower satisfies all our inflation requirements whilst also helping us to achieve system design improvements.” Will Cavendish, Chief Technology Officer, Pufferfish.