Air Duct Heaters

ACI’s range of air duct heaters offer a cost effective, easy to install, flexible solution
to providing a supply of clean and dry controlled hot-air.

  • Power options from 1 to 27kW
  • 115V or 460V, 1Ph or 3Ph options
  • Available as either package with controls, or simple heater/fan arrangement.

Air Duct Heater – Option 1 [1-18kW]

This type of in-line heater consists of an element assembly mounted inside a stainless steel tube. The inlet / discharge of this heater range is available in 3 to 6″ diameters. A 4″ version can be supplied with duct flanges on spigots. All of these heaters come with two mounting brackets that can be positioned anywhere along the larger section of the duct. These can be secured with 4 fixings no larger that 8mm in diameter.

Air Duct Heater – Option 2 [12-27kW]

Heater elements are mounted inside a galvanised or stainless steel box which links to the spigots using duct clamps. This is a common part throughout these heaters so new combinations can be readily made to customer specifications. All of the heaters in this range come with 4 mounting lugs around the base of the heater.