Air Knife Systems

Air Knife Systems are blower-driven solutions that increase production efficiencies and save you significant running costs. Our air knife systems have a uniform slot design that projects an uninterrupted sheet of precisely controlled, high velocity air – thereby supplying a powerful flow across the entire surface of the product being processed.

Drying Systems

A wide range of Air Knife systems primarily focussed on removing surface liquids.

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Air Delivery Systems

System solutions for cooling, removing dust, static elimination, air curtains and other applications.

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Turnkey Solutions

Complete systems designed from start to finish, including conveyors, automation and much more.

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Custom System Design

In-house testing facilities and engineering department to design custom solutions.

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System Components

The key components of our systems that ACI have been manufacturing for over 20 years.

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ACI is an established and expert designer of Air Knife Systems and is recognised as a Global Specialist of Industrial Air Movement Solutions.

With over 50 years of knowledge and experience behind them, ACI provides effective and efficient air knife systems for process drying, cooling and cleaning of conveyed products.

What we can offer you:

  • Extensive Product Range
  • Proven Solutions For Many Applications
  • Significant Energy Savings Over Compressed Air
  • Unrivalled Application Knowledge & Technical Know-How
  • FREE UK Mainland demonstrations
  • Extensive Laboratory Testing Facility
  • Installation and On-Going Service Agreements
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Challenge us to dry your product

ACI invests heavily in Research & Development and the knowledge and expertise that the in-house technical department bring to the evolving product range is a clear indication of this.

Alongside the team’s technical expertise, ACI’s comprehensive test facility provides a simple and effective means of demonstrating to customers the efficiency of our systems. With customers from all over the world sending samples of their actual products, it is now proving to be a valuable additional service that can be offered across a wide range of industries.

Whether testing a simple air knife system, a de-ionisation arrangement or a more powerful reciprocator, the test area also has the space to demonstrate larger system assemblies to show the effect of blower powered drying systems on items such as car or truck bodies. A performance guarantee will be given based on the test results.

Compressed air cost analysis

There is no doubt that compressed air is still widely used and extremely adaptable. However, it doesn’t come without its fair share of problems, particularly if used inappropriately.

One of the main downsides to compressed air is how expensive it is to produce. Tests have shown that it can be as much as 30% of a total sites electricity usage and even more crucially can be very wasteful, as only 8-10% of the electricity used is converted into usable energy.

By reducing the amount of compressed air used, huge savings can be achieved, and many manufacturing operations can be just as successful by utilising different energy sources. These include using blowers to provide air for cooling, agitating, mixing or inflating, using blower driven air knives to clean or dry conveyed parts or bottles and cans and using low pressure, high velocity air for personnel clean down operations.

ACI Fans at the heart of every Air Knife System

ACI began manufacturing fans and blowers more than 50 years ago and as air movement experts, we have the capability to exactly size fans to each system to maximise its performance whilst minimising the overall energy usage.

When looking for a highly efficient solution for airflow applications, our range of blowers for air knife systems can offer the perfect answer to all your requirements. Applications include air rinsing, surface drying, process air and blow off.

An ACI blower will provide advanced performance and could reduce energy usage by as much as 90%. Blowers available include belt-driven EP10A compact blowers, low noise MS11 multi-stage blowers, robust EV radial bladed blowers and a range of side channel blowers which are typically used for air delivery system applications.

Efficient and protective blower enclosures, available in a variety of sizes, are available to protect the blower from corrosive or wet environments, reduce noise and help to make blower installation simpler.