ACI INC has designed and supplied a blower-driven drying system for a US vegetable oil distributor. 

The Problem:

The client ships oil in 275 gallon palletized tanks.  When these tanks are emptied, they need to returned, but before they are refilled they need to be thoroughly cleaned.

Currently, the washing out process takes around 15 minutes per tank, but the client was losing valuable time waiting for the tanks to naturally dry.  

Using blower-driven air, the challenge to ACI INC was to be able to dry inside the tanks in 15 minutes or less.

The Solution:

ACI INC supplied the client with a centrifugal fan (model HFN 225/92) with a 6” discharge ducted to a 4 ft stainless steel pipe. The pipe is set-up with a standoff to keep the tube from setting on the bottom of the tank. This allows the air to hit the tank bottom and disperse in an upside down “umbrella” fashion. The client opens the discharge spigot on the tank and the wash water exits the tank.


The Outcome:

This system has allowed the customer to dry the 275 gallon tanks below the 15 minute target.

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