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High Energy Cost Of Compressed Air

Compressed air is vital to the running of your factory. But it’s not the free resource you think it is. Far from it – the energy costs can be huge.

If you’re still using compressed air for your drying instead of blower-driven air knives then you’re almost certainly wasting tens of thousands of pounds per year.

It’s time you switched to a more efficient system that will achieve payback in just a few months. The sooner you switch, the more you’ll save.

Why Compressed Air Costs So Much

Compressed air is expensive to produce because of the high pressures involved. It can be as much as 30% of your site’s total electricity bill.

But only 8-10% of that electricity is converted into useful energy. Many systems waste 30% of their compressed air due to leaks, poor maintenance and inadequate control.

All that expensive compressed air can also be dirty – contaminated with oil. And because it’s high pressure, it’s also a health and safety risk.

Contrast that with blower-driven air from an advanced ACI air knife. It uses far less energy because it produces higher volumes of low-pressure air. Clean, safe air.

Blower-driven systems are also quieter because of the lower pressure. The expansion ratio is lower and there is less air turbulence.

Chart showing the breakdown cost of compressed air

Compressed Air v An ACI Blower-Driven Air Knife System

Compared with compressed air, an ACI air knife system will repay your investment in a matter of months.

ACI has 50+ years of experience and expertise – so we can forecast precisely when the system you specify will achieve payback. Guaranteed results as tested and specified. Guaranteed savings compared with compressed air.

See how the numbers stack up…

Chart showing cost savings of Blower System vs Compressed Air



($8,586.50/$23,842.54 x 12 MONTHS)

Why ACI Air Knife Systems Perform Better

ACI creates custom-configured solutions based on standard components so you get the best of both worlds. Proven technology, tailored to your specific requirements – but at sensible prices. And all backed up by dependable aftercare.

Discover how advanced air knife technology is solving challenges in your industry.

Read How ACI Has Helped Businesses Like Yours

It pays to partner with a world-class air knife specialist like ACI. You’ll benefit from our 50+ years of experience in air delivery technology.

Browse our case studies to see how we helped these companies.

Get Expert Advice On Air Knife

Never just pick an air knife straight from a website or catalogue. Specifying the right air knife for your requirements depends on a wide range of factors that can affect performance.

These factors include not just the system itself but also the geographical location of your site (which affects air temperature, climate, seasonality, humidity and air density).

So it’s essential to get expert technical advice on the system that is best for you and how it should be configured, installed, commissioned and tested.

Why ACI?

50+ years of technical expertise and experience.

World-class solutions –
Distributors, agents and partners in 40+ countries.

Performance guaranteed – all standard and custom systems will perform as tested and specified. Guaranteed results and savings.

Advanced quieter air blowers that take up less space.

US designed and manufactured equipment.

Thousands of happy customers across the world.



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