Flexible Hose

ACI readily keep available stock of flexible hose. It is available in lengths of between 1 and 10 metres.

Flexflyte Super

This is a lightweight, highly flexible hose made from a 2 ply wall of thermoplastic rubber reinforced with axial and helical yarns and supported by a thermoplastic coated spring steel helix. It has good oil and chemical resistance, and excellent weathering and ageing properties. This results in a product ideal for air handling in harsh environments, fume removal and air conveyance.

Flextract CLD

Lightweight, highly flexible hose made from clear transparent PVC reinforced with a high tensile coated spring steel helix. A versatile ducting suitable for air handling and dust & fume extraction. It is also suitable for use on light duty vacuum cleaners. Similar conditions of temperature extremes, vibration and chemical contamination exist.


Excellent crush and kink resistance flexible hose that is extremely durable. If crushed the hose springs back to its former shape. This is due to the interlocking plastic profiled strip. Plastiflex Ducting gives superb flexibility and capability to bend very tightly with no constriction of the inner dimensions. The hose is entirely of plastic which makes it very light weight. The inner surface is recessed and has a smooth finish, reducing flow resistance and easing the feeding of cables.