Side Channel Blowers

italBLOWERS side channel blower and exhausters may be used in all areas where pulsation-free air for vacuum and pressure applications is required.

Benefits include:

  • Flexible – installation can be horizontal or vertical
  • Robust – die-cast aluminium construction
  • Maintenance free – utilise ‘sealed-for-life’ bearings
  • Low Noise – internal silencers built into design
  • Efficient – only high quality electrical motors used
  • ATEX – 2G/3G

The range is available as single and double stage regenerative/side channel blowers and compressors, in both 50Hz and 60Hz versions.



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Find out more

ACI is an official distributor for the italBlowers range of side channel blowers and exhausters.


Side Channel Compressors:

50/60Hz blower delivers pressure up to 650 hPa(g) & flow rates up to 2000m³/hr.

Side Channel Exhausters:

50/60Hz blower achieves pressure of -450 hPa(g) & flow rates of 2000m³/hr.


A variety of spares and accessories are available to compliment our range of side channel blowers. These include: Filters, Additional Silencers, Pressure gauges, Hoses, Manifolds, Safety Valves, Flow Converter Devices, Sound Enclosures.