Explosion Proof Fans

ACI’s adherence to the ATEX directive has over the years led to high-specification, offshore applications and other hazardous environment applications, and we continue to provide innovative and effective solutions to an increasingly Global customer base.

Some examples of how our explosion proof fan units are utilised are as follows:
  • Hydrogen Dilution – One of the primary applications for ACI’s ATEX rated explosion-proof fans is for hydrogen dilution within the process of electro-chlorination. This is a process typically utilised within the oil and gas (offshore platforms), wastewater treatment plants, desalination and chemical plants amongst others where sodium hypochlorite solution is used for a variety of purposes including dosing of cooling water systems and treatment of sea-water for oil-well pressurisation. A key element of the process is the dilution of the hydrogen content immediately before the hypochlorite enters the storage vessel at the end of the production process.  This is achieved by exhausting dis-entrained hydrogen, which is liberated as the liquid cascades from a feed pipe into the vessel, through a vent pipe. The exhausting process is affected by blowing high volumes of air at high pressure across the surface of the hypochlorite in the storage vessel. This air draws the hydrogen gas from the vessel to be dispersed at a safe height via a vent pipe.

ACI Explosion Proof Fans are used to cool Top Drive Motors used during the
drilling process on offshore oil rigs

ATEX rated explosion proof fans are used for hydrogen dilution within the process of electro-chlorination


  • Top Drive Motor Cooling –  ACI’s explosion-proof fans are utilised to cool top drive motors during the drilling process on offshore oil rigs. Used to rotate the drill string during the drilling process, the top drive is a motor that is suspended from the derrick, or mast, of the rig. These power swivels can boast up to 1,000 horsepower that turn a shaft to which the drill string is screwed. Because of the motor sizes employed, to avoid any over-heating issues, these motors must themselves be cooled.


Our explosion-proof fans and blowers are available for varied types of drilling motors in vertical, horizontal or remote applications. Constructed of heavy-gauge steel, ACI units can withstand many years of continuous duty.