Fans for Fume Extraction

Depending on the application, the control and containment of potentially hazardous air is an absolute necessity to maintain a safe working environment. Particles, fumes or odours produced into the air may call for corrosion resistant air handling products to capture and exhaust these harsh airstreams directly from the source.  ACI designs fume extraction fans to maintain a safe environment.

Since the introduction of the Health and Safety at Work Act, attention has also been paid to the effects of fumes arising from soldering processes. Fumes arising from the use of natural flux contain Colophony which is both an irritant both to skin and chest. Evidence of acute toxic effects has been found in subjects exposed to fumes from soft and hard soldering processes.

ACI’s fume extraction fans have been used extensively in the area of solder fume extraction. A large choice of accessories, which include spigots, filters, and guards enable customers to modify the exhauster unit and not the design of the installation.

Other common fume control applications where ACI fans are employed include:

Laser and ink jet coding
Hand and machine soldering
Pharmaceutical manufacture
Laboratory and clean room work.

ACI fans used for removing toxic fumes from plastic extrusion machinery