Industrial fans for laboratory & Pharmaceutical environments

ACI has years of experience in supplying laboratory fans for the pharmaceutical and scientific industries and has developed a wide range of centrifugal fans uniquely engineered to the highest specifications. From air treatment to cooling devices and exhaust systems, we design tailor-made solutions to provide laboratories and healthcare sectors with clean, contained environments when working with hazardous and volatile compounds. For manufacturing processes and zone classifications which prerequisite explosion proof fans, we supply ATEX and IECEx certified laboratory fan designs.

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ACI Containment Isolator Envrionment

Our multi-stage laboratory fans are engineered to deliver low-velocity, high-pressure air for exhaust systems in containment isolators. The extraction device provides laboratories and research facilities with a safe, and controlled environment to handle hazardous materials and fumes during compounding.


Our range of small and medium centrifugal fans and blowers combine quality engineering with innovative and flexible design. With flow rates of up to 6,000 m3/hour and low pressure, they present the ideal solutions for containment booths.


ACI - Cleanroom Environment

We offer custom-made cleanroom solutions for pharmaceutical products, laboratory and medical equipment. Our range of centrifugal fans and blowers provide low-pressure exhaust airflow to ventilate cleanrooms while keeping infectious contaminants from spreading.


ACI Biological Safety Cabinet Environment

Our multi-stage laboratory fans & blowers are well suited to Biological Safety Cabinet ventilation. They deliver continuous low volume, high-pressure air through the cabinet filters to remove harmful pollutants and prevent contamination.


ACI Fume Cabinet Environment

Our small and medium centrifugal fans deliver the correct combination of high-volume, low-pressure airflow required for fume cabinets to limit exposure to hazardous or toxic fumes or dust.


While our MS8 multi-stage laboratory fans are very compact, to fit most enclosures, they can produce high out-put of up to 4,000 RPM, making them the perfect solutions for bio-decontaminations units.