Improve quality.

Accelerate production.

Reduce downtime.

Consistent quality – better-packaged products. Speed up production – increase output. Fewer stoppages – meet tight deadlines with confidence.

Are your existing air
dryers the weak link?

Few companies still use compressed air to dry packaged goods. They know it’s expensive, inefficient, wasteful – and it carries higher health and safety risks.

Instead, they’ve invested in dedicated air drying systems. But those systems may be underperforming – jeopardising quality, compromising consistency and slowing production.

What Are Air Knife Systems?
Why Use Them?

Air knives create high-velocity and precision-targeted jets of air that will:

  • Dry food so it can be packaged, labelled and shipped faster
  • Remove surface contaminants and keep the food clean
  • Blow off excess coating (such as batter or chocolate) – improving product quality and appearance, reducing waste
  • Neutralise static charges on surfaces (by adding electrical charges to the stream of targeted air).

Why DIY Air Blowers can Underperform and Fail

Sadly, many companies waste time and money by struggling along with basic and unsuitable air drying systems that:

  • can no longer keep up with rising production
  • are unreliable and break down – causing costly quality failures and line stoppages
  • fail to consistently dry cans to the industry standard (<0.3mg of moisture)
  • create quality control issues – spoiling products and wasting money
  • underperform because they are generic and not application-specific – creating production line bottlenecks
  • are ‘hand-me-downs’ originally used on other lines
  • have been moved in from other factory sites and do not work as intended
  • are underpowered budget solutions
  • were installed and commissioned incorrectly – compromising their effectiveness and efficiency.

Many of the unsuitable existing systems that our engineers encounter in the field are ‘one size fits all’ air dryers. Often they were sold as bolt-on additions when the company purchased a conveyor or other production line equipment from another supplier.

These generic air dryers will always underperform because they were never designed for the intended application – and so were never truly tested or commissioned properly. The companies supplying them did not understand or appreciate the science involved.

Why Air Knife Systems For Packaging And Labelling?

Air knives use precision-targeted high-velocity air jets to dry cans, bottles, crates, totes and pouches. They are much faster than basic air drying systems (and more energy efficient).

Advanced air knives usually pay for themselves in under 12 months. We know because we can calculate exactly when your new ACI system will start saving you money.

Intelligent design makes these air knives highly cost-effective.

Virtually every system is either off-the-shelf or is custom-configured from standard components. This is quicker and more cost-effective than going fully bespoke (though that option is available should you need it).

Improved and guaranteed performance. Predictable running costs. Excellent aftercare.

Futureproof, scalable air drying solutions for packaging and labelling – delivered by experts.


Enclosed, Partially Enclosed,
Fully Open Systems

ACI - Can and bottle dryer

Moisture is the enemy of bottling plants. At best it slows down production because the bottles must be dried before labelling. At worst it ruins labels, stops them from sticking properly, corrodes crown caps or results in condensation and bacteria.

Can dryers

To Cut Costs

ACI Bottle Cap and Neck Dryers

Achieve line speeds of 60,000+ cans per hour. Stop rust forming on cans. Eliminate transgranular stress corrosion (TGSC). Choose from premium fully enclosed systems (<85dBA), partially enclosed systems (90-95dBA), cost-effective open systems.

Craft Brewery

Air Knife
Drying Solutions

ACI Craft Brewery Systems

Cost-effective, off-the-shelf air drying systems for craft breweries. Proven technology that’s simple to set up. And fully supported by expert engineers. Quiet, efficient air drying systems you can depend on.

Crates, Totes, Boxes And Bins

Air Knife Drying Systems

ACI Crate and Tote Dryer

High-specification air-knife systems engineered to dry reusable plastic containers. The solutions accommodate most sizes and line speeds and have proven installation in many industries – from food and beverages to automotive, and distribution outlays.

Pouch Dryers

Unique Technology

ACI Pouch Drying Solution

Unique pouch-drying solution that delivers significant improvements in production output. Designed specifically for stand-up pouches used widely in food and beverage, personal care and cosmetics, pet food, gardening, industry and chemicals.


New Drying Solution

Aseptic Carton Production Line

State-of-the-art air knife technology for today’s new generation of aseptic packaging – dry up to 6,000 packs per hour. Clean, oil-free, blower-driven air removes moisture from containers after autoclaving and before date coding.

Guaranteed Improvements, Results And Savings
Demonstration units and testing will prove that ACI’s solutions are better than your existing technology. You will save energy, increase output and improve quality.

Your air systems partner: deal with an experienced supplier that delivers superior customer care – no matter how large, small or complex your project.

Gain ready access to our specialist engineers – from conceptualisation through manufacturing, installation and commissioning to completion and aftercare.


Why ACI?

50+ years of technical expertise
and experience.

World-class solutions –
Distributors, agents and
partners in 40+ countries.

Performance guaranteed – all standard and custom systems will perform as tested and specified. Guaranteed results and savings.

Advanced quieter air blowers
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US designed and
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Thousands of happy customers
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