BOTTLE Drying Systems

• Boost output, improve quality, cut costs.
• Remove condensation, reduce contamination.
• For sleeve, paper, self-adhesive or PSL roll-fed labelling and inkjet coding.


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Bottle Dryers – Enclosed, Partially Enclosed, Fully Open Systems

Moisture is the enemy of bottling plants. At best it slows down production because the bottles must be dried before labelling. At worst it ruins labels, stops them sticking properly, corrodes crown caps or results in condensation and bacteria.

Advanced dryers from ACI can handle hundreds or thousands of bottles per minute. They are 90% more energy-efficient than compressed air. Enclosures stop overspray and contamination – and reduce noise levels.

We manufacture our air dryers in-house from tough and dependable food-grade stainless steel – adapting them to your line speed and conveyor type.

High-performance cap and neck dryers feature easily adjustable manifolds that are designed to order. Precision-targeted drying meets your exact requirements – helping to safeguard your crown caps from corrosion and contamination.

Both units fit over existing conveyor guide bars, so require no modification to the production line.

ACI JetPlates deliver optimum drying efficiency to conveyed products such as PET and Glass Bottles. The plate slot design drives the moisture downwards and away from the product line –  preventing water contamination.

Advanced Air Knives For Drying Bottles

Demonstration units and testing will prove that ACI’s bottle dryers will perform better than your existing technology. You will improve quality, increase output and save energy.

Cutting-edge air knife technology makes our range of bottle drying solutions easy to use, energy-efficient and highly effective. Our Dri-line series offers production line speeds of 10’s to 1,000’s of bottles per minute.

Choose from standard air knives or custom solutions manufactured to your specific requirements:
• targeting the lids, necks or bottoms of bottles
• accommodating different product sizes, shapes and line configurations.

The bottle cap dryer’s nozzle manifolds remove moisture from the crown cap area of glass bottles – allowing rapid and efficient drying, reducing corrosion and contamination issues.

The neck dryer eliminates water droplets from wine or beer bottle necks – ensuring that labels adhere effectively.

Both units fit over existing conveyor guide bars so require no modification to your production lines.


ACI Testing Moisture on Bottles
ACI Bottle Cap and Neck Dryers

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ACI Dri-Line Series- Partially enclosed can and bottle drying system
ACI Dri-Line Series- Partially enclosed can and bottle drying system
ACI Dri-Line Series- Partially enclosed can and bottle drying system

Case Studies: ACI Bottle Drying Systems In Action

AB Inbev


Higher throughput, Improve
efficiency at AB Inbev (60,000bph)

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Greater efficiency, quieter aseptic
bottling at GSK (36,000bph)

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Coca Cola

Coca cola

Ultra-dry, blemish-free ROSO labelling
at Coca-Cola (20,000bph)

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