• Hygienic drying, improved output, lower costs.
• Advanced air knives for hard-to-dry crates.
• Stop contamination, improve safety.


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Air Knives For Crates, Totes, Boxes And Bins:

Regular cleaning of crates for industries such as food production is essential for hygiene and biosecurity compliance. Cleanliness is also vital for the automotive sector where contamination can cause component failure.

Newly washed crates, boxes and bins must be dried quickly and efficiently – so they don’t delay production or take up valuable space.

But they can be notoriously difficult to dry for two reasons:
• they can trap air – and therefore moisture (deep crates with few holes are the hardest to dry)
• they’re less likely to be standard sizes.

A custom-configured air knife system with nozzles will blast high volumes of low pressure air into hard-to-reach corners.

Opting for a custom-configured solution gives you a system built to your requirements – but at a sensible price because the components are standard.

And it doesn’t have to be large and unwieldy. Choose a system with a small footprint; one that’s easy to install and maintain. Built in-house for you.

Properly dried crates and totes help stop contamination. They also promote safer manual handling.


Crate and Tote Dryers:
  • High-quality, robust food-grade stainless steel enclosure, air knives and nozzles
  • Flexible and hard-wearing nozzles deliver high volume low-pressure air
  • Nozzles are easy to fit and adjust
  • Blower-driven air-knife to provide clean, oil-free air
  • Custom solutions available to meet your specific requirements
  • Small footprint with easy installation and maintenance
  • Versatile range providing hygienic performance
  • In-house quality manufacture
ACI Testing Lab - Crate Dryer

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Case Studies: ACI Crate Drying Technology In Action

How ACI helped the NHS to dry 540,000 totes a year at its 130,000ft2 depot in Bridgwater.

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