pouch dryers

• Boost output, save energy, cut costs.
• Advanced air knives with ‘hold-down’ for lightweight pouches.
• Adjustable blowing for changing requirements.


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Versatile, energy-efficient air drying systems:

Unique pouch-drying solution that delivers significant improvements in production output. Designed specifically for stand-up pouches used widely in food and beverage, personal care and cosmetics, pet food, gardening, industry and chemicals.

Versatile drying systems include tough, food-grade air knives with an optional hold-down device for lightweight products. Adjustable blowing capacity – ideal for changing requirements.

Choose from single- or multi-lane configurations with wire mesh conveyors for hygiene-critical sectors such as food processing and pharmaceuticals.

Specify complete turnkey solutions with conveyors, drip trays and control systems: standard, custom-configured or bespoke. Benefits include full integration with other suppliers’ technology.

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  • High-quality, robust food-grade stainless steel air knives
  • Optional hold-down device for lightweight products
  • Up to 90% energy saving compared with compressed air systems
  • Adjustable blowing capacity to suit changing requirements
  • Adaptable to various line speeds or conveyor types
  • Substantial improvement in production outputs
  • Custom solutions available to meet your precise specifications
  • In-house quality manufacture
ACI Pouch Dryer

Why ACI?

50+ years of technical expertise
and experience.

World-class solutions –
Distributors, agents and
partners in 40+ countries.

Performance guaranteed – all standard and custom systems will perform as tested and specified. Guaranteed results and savings.

Advanced quieter air blowers
that take up less space.

US designed and
manufactured equipment.

Thousands of happy customers
across the world.

Case Studies: ACI Pouch Dryers In Action

ACI’s turnkey solution to dry foil pouches, trays and laminated pouches at Liberty Process Ltd.

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