Motor Controllers

Soft Start

The soft start is used as a starting solution & is available through ACI. ACI are increasingly supplying either Soft Starters or Inverters as blower control options. Typically motors over 1.5kW need to started slowly to prevent current draw & circuit breaker tripping.



  • Illuminated beacon
  • Illuminated run/fault beacon
  • Conveyor run or sensor run input
  • 24v DC terminals
  • Pre-wired to the blower motor
  • Lockable door-mounted isolator.
  • Housed in an IP65 stainless steel enclosure, with input power cable glands.
  • Operate a minimum run time to provide blower start/stop production.

Variable Speed Electric Motor Controllers

Inverters are characterised by the extent of their power range, a feature that enables control of ‘asynchrous’ motors. Its advanced functions combined with exceptional open loop and closed loop performance provides an ideal solution to meet the requirements for complex and/or high power machines.


  • Power Ranges: 0.18 to 90KW
  • Voltage Ranges: 200/240V 1Ph
  • 200/240V 3Ph / 380/480V 3Ph
  • Enclosure Types: IP20 and IP54


  • ATV650 Data Sheet
  • ATV650 Video

Star/Delta Starters

The Star/Delta starter is probably the most commonly used reduced voltage starter and is available.  Whenever a motor is started, it needs to start slowly to prevent the rotor overheating and drawing enormous current. When the windings of a motor are connected in STAR the current is reduced to root three – hence the motor ‘soft’ start.

Once the motor picks up speed, the connection is changed to DELTA so that the motor runs at full speed and torque then onwards.

Manual-Single Phase Electric Motor Controller (REE Type)

The REE range provides a simple solution to controlling the speed of fans. They have a manual dial which can control the fan speed from 20% to 100%.  REE motor controllers can be used in conjunction with ACI Slimline Centrifugal fans, and are suitable for all the ebm-papst external rotor motors up to 10 Amp current rating.


  • 230v 50/60Hz single phase AC input
  • On/Off switch
  • Internal pre-set for minimum speed
  • Maximum ambient 40°C
  • Two wire control = Simple connection or three wire control = Cooler running of fan motor and better response to speed adjustment.