Other Accessories

Further accessories include:
  • Finger Guards for both fan inlets and discharges.
  • Leads & Plugs for all fan types supplied with or without plugs to suit most application requirements.
  • Capacitors & Terminal Boxes – die cast aluminium capacitors and terminal boxes for both single and three phase fan types.
  • Heat spinners are a simple disc of aluminium attached to the motor shaft between the fancase and the motor.  They vary in size (63-153mm) and provide the motors protection against fan temperatures of up to 180°C.
  • A choice of spigots for inlet and/or discharge applications on all ACI Centrifugal fan models.


Centrifugal fan fitted with heat guard, dual heat spinner and guarded shift

Centrifugal fan fitted with spigot

Centrifugal fan fitted with inlet guard


Centrifugal fan fitted with terminal box