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ACI Air Knife Systems are often utilised for removing surface water from a variety of products, but they can also be applied to products and processes that involve de-dusting or blow-off operations.

Removing the dust or powder associated with tiny particles can be very tricky, particularly when it is found in hard to reach places such as small cracks or corners or on a surface that has static. Our flexible air knife systems have the capacity to achieve the necessary blow-off required for a wide variety of products and applications. By eliminating the need for expensive compressed air, squeegee rolls, steamrolls or chemical dispersion, ACI air knives are the perfect alternative.



When looking for an efficient way to blow-off a variety of substances from products, our systems can help you achieve the desired effect.

They can:

  • Remove dust from sheet material such as metal and glass
  • Remove swarf from metal parts during the machining process
  • Remove dust and static from electrical components and printed circuit boards
  • Remove dust from products and car parts prior to painting
  • Help save money being cheaper and safer than compressed air alternatives
  • Blow-off wood shavings after cutting, sanding etc.
  • Be used for conveyor cleaning – removing dirt, debris, dust.
  • Be used for conveyor de-frosting in the food industry. This can help to de-frost and remove ice from conveyors as part of the clean down procedure.
Main Benefits:

Contamination from dust, swarf, wood shavings and dirt can be a huge problem in many areas of industry – and rectifying these problems can have many benefits, particularly when comparing with compressed air. These include:


  • A cost-effective solution,
  • A safer and more efficient product,
  • Energy-efficient.

Static Elimination

ACI Air Knife Systems are blower-driven solutions that increase production efficiencies and save you significant running costs. For blow-off applications where static is an issue, ACI can also incorporate de-ionisation bars to help remove static charge and dust from product surfaces.

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