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Film Control


The primary focus of ACI’s Air Knife Systems tends to be the removal of varied liquids from a wide selection of products, but they can also be applied to products and processes that involve delicate film control.

Product coatings are mostly applied in a fluid state, which then needs to be thickness controlled and then dried. The drying process is essential as it can help to improve the coating or restrict the optimisation of a coating process. It is imperative that the drying of such films or coatings is performed using a non-contact method without any adverse effects to the formulation or uniformity of the coating.

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Key Performance Figures:


  • Incorporates high-efficiency ACI Air Knife System Technology
  • Range of ACI blowers to choose from
  • Low power requirements
  • Easily controllable to match production requirements
  • Reliable and robust materials (aluminium or stainless steel options)
  • Clean, oil-free air and food safe construction
  • All parts easily accessed for maintenance and cleaning


ACI’s film / coating control systems are based upon the company’s blower-powered Air Knives. Blower power and Air Knife configurations are designed to match specific requirements regarding line speeds, product sizes and coating requirements.



Typical Applications:


  • Machined parts
  • Hot-dipped galvanised strip
  • Chocolate enrobed products
  • Batter coated food
  • Metal plate, wire, cable with protective coatings

How it works


The combination of the product linear movement and the controllable, high velocity air stream produced by the air knife, means that product coatings and films can be accurately measured and controlled. Excess coating can be recycled, reducing wastage, and product quality is improved before moving to the next step in the process.

The blower supplying the air knife system can be remotely sited or mounted directly on-top of the dryer itself.

ACI has extensive R&D facilities which enables us to invite clients to visit to fully evaluate the effectiveness and suitability of our products. Free Customer site visits to UK mainland customers can also be offered.

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