MS8 Range

MS8 Single Inlet Centrifugal Fan

Multi-Stage Backward Curved

White polyester resin construction fan case with aluminium impellers. Modular construction allows models to range from 1 to 9 stages, directly mounted to the motor shaft, achieving relatively high pressures at low noise levels.

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 Motor Type: Induction type 1Ph or 3Ph


 Nominal Supply:
Volts Ph Hz
100 1 50/60
115 1 50/60
115 1 400
110-120 1 60
220-240 1 50
12 DC
24 DC
(380-420/220-240 440-480/250-280) 3 50/60
220-250/380-400 3 50
 Options: Inlet and discharge guards, Sockets (BSP fittings), Inlet spigots, Hose, Adaptors, Filtered inlets, Speed controllers.
 Materials: Inlets & Fanscrolls – white polyester resin Impellers – aluminium 1200 H14 Stators – white polyester resin
 Bearings: Ball type, lubricated for life
 Mounting Options: build-in-type / with feet / floor-stand
 Noise Levels: 85.2dB(A) Free Air, 1 Metre
 Variants: MS8 DC

Performance Curve

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Outline Dimensions

Build-In Type
Feet Mounted
Floor Stand

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