Powerful and quiet, the EP10A compact blower is one of ACI’s most versatile air movement products. Available with motors (5.5 to 18.5kW) in standard metric or NEMA frames, the EP10A can be easily retrofitted in place of other alternatives.

Overview – Compact Blowers


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ACI offers two series of belt-driven blowers – the EP10A and the EP10AH (Hot Air Version).

EP10A Compact Blower
  • Flow rates up to 2040m³/hr
  • Pressures up to 250mBar
  • 5.5kW to 18.5kW
  • 60°C (140°F) maximum inlet temperature
  • Reliable, maintenance-free operation


EP10AH Compact Blower
  • Flow rates up to 2040m³/hr
  • Pressures up to 250mBar
  • 5.5kW to 18.5kW
  • 185°C (330°F) maximum inlet temperature
  • Reliable, maintenance-free operation
Both blower types feature:
  • State of the art impeller design and improved belt design producing less friction
  • Lower belt tension giving less bearing loads, resulting in longer service life
  • Uses steel bearing liners and precision hybrid ceramic sealed bearings
  • Quiet operation: precision manufacturing reduces all vibration & noise
  • No separate belt-tensioning wheel

More efficient & reliable than its competitors:


The EP10A blower head is cast and machined as a single piece with equally spaced bearings configured specifically to provide even loading from the belt drive. This design is fundamentally different from other belt driven units and allows the belt to be run at a tension much lower than other belt driven units, therefore resulting in much lower loads on all parts of the assembly.


The single piece construction also guarantees correct alignment of the integrated precision spindle. The outcome is a more robust and efficient assembly, which both improves manufacture and enhances stability and reliability, essential with operating speeds up to 20,000 rpm and deliveries of 1200 CFM.


Also contributing to the EP10’s durability are the specially engineered hybrid ceramic bearings that are sealed for life to prevent ingress of contaminant and retain the high-performance grease.


In addition, each EP10A spindle is assembled in a clean-room environment, away from the general factory. A vigorous 3 hour running in cycle is performed on each EP10A head, to ensure the bearing grease is distributed correctly. Once fully assembled, each EP10A blower is operated at full speed after final assembly.

Performance Curve

The illustrated curves are for selection purposes only.  For full performance details, please click through to the specific data sheets using the links above. By varying the speed of the blower a wide variety of performances can be achieved within the shaded areas.


Pressure Performance Curves


Vacuum Performance Curves


Spares and Accessories

EP10A Blower Heads




EP10A Polyester Filter Element


All filters can be washed when dirty. All filters should be changed every six months if constantly running.

EP10A Compact Blower Belt Drive

This item needs replacing when it is either worn or damaged. ACI recommend that this item is regularly checked and is always running at its optimal tension setting.

Optikrik Belt Tension Gauge


This item is used to maintain correct belt tension.

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