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Some conveyed products may demand a more vigorous air movement action than a simple air knife system can offer, particularly where the products might be vulnerable to contact or surface damage. In these circumstances, ACI’s Reciprocating Nozzle Systems are an ideal solution.

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Reciprocators employ a bank of flexible nozzles that move back and forth across the conveyor whilst delivering high volumes of air at low pressure. This simple action combined with high-volume, low-pressure air delivery efficiently and effectively dislodges moisture or debris trapped in awkward places. The nozzles themselves are fabricated from a material that is both flexible and hard-wearing.

Reciprocators are also simple to fit and adjust.  The flexibility of the material allows the nozzles to be hit or deflected by travelling product without risk of damage, and then return immediately to their normal operating state.  This permits air to be precisely delivered to the product for further enhancement of drying/cleaning functions.


Typical Applications:

  • Drying totes, crates and baskets
  • Drying automotive bumpers, bodies and larger components such as drive shafts and interior trim
  • Drying any large, intricate components such as filing cabinet carcasses and aerospace parts



Plenum Chamber:Aluminium as standard, stainless steel available.
Motor:A wide selection of motors including electric and compressed air types.
Brackets:Stainless steel as standard.
Nozzles:Each nozzle has an orifice of 20mm dia as standard. Minimum number of 2 nozzles, maximum of 13 nozzles.
Mounting:ACI can design and manufacture a wide variety of mounting assemblies depending on the customer application, including the support frames.
Ducting: As well as flexible ducting, a modular ducting system has been designed specifically for use with ACI’s drying products. Available in both stainless steel and galvanised mild steel, this system uses a flange system and clamp arrangement for connection of mating sections which allows for ease of installation and readjustment without the need to cut, rivet or seal joints.

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