How Did ACI’s System Solve Madison River Brewing’s CO Problems?

Madison River Brewing Co: Great Beers From The “Outdoorsman’s Paradise”

Award-winning Madison River Brewing Co creates magnificent brews glorying in names such as Yellow Humpy Hefeweizen, Elk Hair ESB and Salmon Fly Honey Rye.

Based in southwest Montana’s Gallatin Valley (“an outdoorsman’s paradise”), this wonderful brewery’s epic thirst-quenchers first made their mark in 2004 around Bozeman, an area renowned for its fabulous fly fishing and majestic mountains.

Now Madison River’s beers are enjoyed throughout the whole of Montana (America’s fourth-largest state). And in neighbouring Idaho, Wyoming and North Dakota too. The beers have developed this impressive following for one simple reason…

“They taste great.”

Problem: Moist Bottles, Non-Sticking Labels, Mould In Case Boxes

Ales, lagers and stouts as fine as those brewed by Madison River deserve the very best in packaging. But a change in labelling methods had created a sticky (or rather non-sticky) situation…

Madison River had just switched from cold-glue to pressure-sensitive labels. But they weren’t adhering well to the bottles. Excessive moisture on the bottles made them too wet for the labels to stick correctly.

Worse still – the moisture was causing damp problems. Mould was starting to appear in the case boxes after storage. These issues were causing expensive downtime and money losses from discarded labels and boxes.

Madison River needed a dependable drying solution that was simple, reliable and highly cost-effective.

So we provided one…

Solution: ACI’s Cb-B Craft Brewery Bottle Drying System

Madison River had previously been using a compressed air nozzle to dry its bottles – with limited success (and the high running costs associated with this method). ACI suppled Madison River with a pre-engineered bottle drying system designed specifically for craft breweries – the Cb-B.

These tried and trusted air knives – though tailored to the needs of craft brewers – are standard (rather than custom) so they’re very cost-effective.

The Cb-B is sized for line speeds of <10,000 bottles/hour. It can dry all sizes of glass and PET bottles, providing a minimum water removal efficiency of 96%…and reducing operating costs by up to 90%.

Two 600 mm stainless steel (304) air knives blow clean, oil-free air at lower pressures – reducing the power required and noise of the system.

This system is also safer to use than compressed air: the low-pressure air presents no danger to operators. And it’s also quieter (92dBA). An optional acoustic enclosure is available for the 7.5kW centrifugal radial-blade blower.

The Cb-B Craft Brewery Bottle Drying System is backed by a 12-month warranty.

Results: Lower Drying Costs – Superior Performance

The new system removed the moisture on the bottles before labelling and packing, solving Madison River’s drying problems – saving time and a bunch of money.

Shipping took just a few weeks from Madison River’s original enquiry. We set up the blower ready for the brewery’s line speed – so the team there could install the drying system quickly and easily.

Now they’re enjoying great performance from a smart, compact air knife system they snapped up for a very competitive price.

“Pricing Was The Best, The System Solved All Our Problems.”

“I researched air dryer systems for about three months and finally found Air Control Industries. The pricing was the best of all the companies that I looked at and best of all, the system solved all our problems.

“The blower and vents were easy to set up and install, and Jon (Jon Jordan, Air Control Industries, JetBlack Safety, Maine, USA)  has been checking in since we purchased the system.

“Since we installed the product, our labelling issues have stopped and we no longer worry about moisture in our case boxes causing problems.”

Howard McMurry

Co President, Madison River Brewing

Get Expert Advice On Bottle And Can Dryers For Craft Breweries

Craft brewers are passionate about quality. The more you can save on your production line and energy bills, the more you can invest in premium ingredients to create the very best beers.

So you don’t need to invest a fortune in drying systems. Just get the right one…the one that’s designed especially for craft breweries.

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